Will It Fit In The Van at The Complex Theatre

You have to give credit where it’s due.

It’s not an easy task transforming a junkie’s torture chamber into the setting for a black comedy sketch. Nevertheless, Conor Clancy has achieved just that in his full length production – ‘Will It Fit in the Van?’

A farcical comedy surrounding mistaken identity, dead horses, weaponry, and mob bosses, there is never a dull moment throughout the play. With a standout performance from Niamh Kavanagh as the terrifying drug lord, her entire presence on stage strikes a perfect balance between Tony Soprano and Cruella de Vil. One’s eyes can never truly leave her, whether she be shrieking others down her neon orange cased iPhone or simply rolling her eyes. In fact, each character grabs the spotlight in their own unique way. It’s almost like a twisted version of the show ‘Friends’, every actor has something to offer, and the entire show would fall apart without each member of the ensemble holding it together.
Other remarkable performances come from Maggie Donovan, Kavanagh’s reluctant partner, and Darragh Keating, a young priest who mistakenly gets caught up in the action.

Despite each character having some cryptic and disturbing past, Clancy’s skills as a writer still allow the audience the pinpoint something extremely likeable in each persona. From Alan Mooney’s tender vulnerability to Patrick Lehane’s endearing naivety to Ciarán MacArtain’ eccentric flair, you can’t help but see the humanity in everyone, even when they are all brandishing weaponry against each other.

Abided by the direction by Al Dalton, which is superb, every part of the set is used to heighten the performance. Although, some moments could have been left some breathing room for the audience to process what was going on, it was a production that was nevertheless truly filled with mayhem and adrenalin. ‘Will it Fit in the Van’ is the epitome of chaos.

Kevin Worrall

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