Wedding Present at The Academy

Wedding Present – Academy, Dublin, November 26th

By Killian Laher
There has been a trend in recent years of bands revisiting a ‘classic album’ and touring it to mark some anniversary or other.  So Wedding Present are commemorating Bizarro, their acknowledged classic by all right thinking people except this writer, who is only familiar with Seamonsters.

The support was So Cow, a three piece band from Tuam who attempted a Graham Coxon / Jam type vibe but delivered fairly colourless generic indie.  Things perked up considerably with the arrival of Wedding Present, who much to my delight kicked off their set with Heather (off Seamonsters).  Their set leaned heavily on Bizarro, pleasing the many devotees gathered here.  It didn’t really take off for me.  There were few peaks and no troughs but something was lacking.

I was definitely in the minority.  The audience enjoyed it thoroughly, especially when during the encore frontman Dave Gedge opened Take Me with “see you in 9 minutes”.  Indeed towards the end there was plenty of gentle bobbing up and down.  I suppose the fault is my chronic inability to connect with a band I’m half into.

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