Trinity Orchestra Presents ‘Gorillaz: Demon Days’

Trinity Orchestra, of Trinity College Dublin, released their new live music video featuring the music of G​orillaz,​arranged by Éna Brennan and conducted by Borja Z​anón González.​The live concert was performed on 21 November 2014 in the Exam Hall of Trinity College to a sold­out audience, but was first performed at Electric Picnic 2014.

Of the project, chairperson Kevin Bluett comments “We received such an incredible reception from the audiences throughout our Gorillaz tour, that we felt compelled to produce something to commemorate it,” adding that “Putting together an orchestral music video is an unusual and exciting enterprise, involving so many more people than a traditional band recording.” Kevin has been chairperson of the Trinity Orchestra since April 2014 and spearheaded the project.
Arranger Éna Brennan adds “The idea of arranging Gorillaz’ Demon Days came from a want to take a well known sonic world, reframe it and reinvigorate it, as Rob Farhat had done with Daft Punk years previous. There is no reason why great music should only live in one state, and I really enjoyed plucking these well known electronic tracks and dropping them in a lesser known and often genre­stereotyped orchestral environment.”

The release of the music video comes in conjunction with the announcement of Trinity Orchestra’s upcoming set at Forbidden Fruit 2015. Performing Sunday 31 May, this will be the Orchestra’s third appearance at the Festival.

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