Trailer 2: Game of Thrones Season 6

It’s nice to see their faces again, but that’s about all you’ll get from this trailer. We do see that Davos wasn’t picking a fight with the lads in the room with him, rather he appears to be making a last stand with them. Jon Snowe is still pretending to be a corpse.

We catch up with Arya and Sansa. Still no sign of Rickon. Arya gets another chance from The House of Black and White, and she scores a new face from The Hall of Faces. Sansa is looking impressively Stark-like with the shoulder furs and direwolf emblazoned on her chest.

The Boltons look like they’re about to be Red Wedding-ed. That look in Sansa’s eyes won’t bode well for them. They most certainly won’t be laughing like that for long, that’s for sure.

The dasterly duo of Tyrion and Varys are back with a vengence with Tyrion spouting epic witticism – “That’s what I do. I drink. And I know things”. Brilliant. And Varys looking like he knows all, which he probably… nearly does.

Meanwhile back in Casterly Rock, the remaining Lannisters are getting their ducks in a row and it appears the Sparrows aren’t too impressed with their carry on. That doesn’t look like it works out too well for The Sparrows though. We catch a glimpse of Margaery, she’s not looking well either.

Daenerys has been taken by a rogue Dothraki force but her dragons are huge now so presumably her imprisonment won’t pose too much of a problem for her. The two boys, Tyrion and Varys are with the two behaving dragons, while Drogon reeks havoc.

The White Walkers are advancing. Brienne is hard at it, killing her way around the world. Reek’s sister, Yara is on the move. The Harpy strike again. And Davos promises that the dead are coming.

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