Top 10 musical moments of 2014

Rachel gives us a rundown of her musical highlights from 2014. Enjoy.

H.R.H of the Boiler Room, Sofie is top of my dream dinner party guest list. Going from Stones Throw intern & employee to Boiler Room booker, she is also responsible for one of my most treasured Boiler Rooms. Sofie has a monthly radio slots on NTS radio where she shares her vinyl finds, curiosities and favourites. Check it out here.

Takuya Matsumoto
When you want the world to go away – make a duvet fort, pillow mountain or an egyptian cotton castle:

His beats make dust of everyone else – the Heston Blumenthal of the samples game.

Sunil Sharpe @ The Boiler Room
Round of proud applause for his balls out Boiler Room debut – where everyone seemed to be snacking on sounds as well as bananas ( true story) . In the words of one Facebook comment – all he was missing was a tri colour. Deffo make this one of your 5 a day. Check it out here.

Shanti Celeste
Described as “The Queen of Bristol Old School” Idle Hand’s Shanti has had a sterling 2014. Releasing the grandiose Universal Glow EP ( with the title track featuring on Boiler Room Debuts) , the melancholy filled Days Like This and a thundering Resident Advisor mix.
2015 will surely be the year of the Celeste – G’Wan Shanti.

Future Islands on David Letterman
You either love or hate this performance, but here is a lesson on how to dance like EVERYONE is watching. Stream, google the lyrics, then watch again. Success is most definitely the best revenge.

Todd Terje – Strandbar
The lesser known but sexier, sharper second cousin of Inspector Norse . 4.29 minutes of speeding down the Autobahn in a Delorean.

Luke Howard @ NYC Downlow
Closing the Downlow Radio Tent on the final night of Glastonbury is a highly coveted slot , but here is 1.30 minutes of why he is trusted with such an important task. A heartfelt set peppered with stir it up sleaze, deviant disco and heartfelt harmonies. Tonight is all about you. Check it out here.

Dimensions Festival 2014
This festival retains its crown as one if the summers essential hooleys . So many emotions can be experienced in 1 week – from feeling like you are swimming in Willy Wonka’s chocolate river or waking up 4 to a bed thinking you might never walk again à la Grandpa Joe. Highlights included Marquis Hawkes memorable Moat set, or San Soda’s stunning suns up adventure. You can read our review here.

Caribou – Can’t Do Without You
On everyones end of year lists (and rightly so) ..Reminds me of that week I chugged Centra red wine for 3 evenings straight, because….you know

Rachel Hegarty

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