Tindersticks at Vicar Street

Tindersticks: the band that supports itself. Stuart Staples and co played two sets on a busy Thursday night in Vicar Street. The first set was a more stripped-down set but after a disorientating Tricklin’ the gig really kicked into gear with the exquisite gloom of Marseilles Sunshine, with a metronome apping up the tension. The set was very chilled out, the band seeming to enjoy tracks such as A Night So Still, Come Feel The Sun and She’s Gone.

Their second set saw the full band in all their visceral glory, conventional instruments such as bass, guitar and drums were joined by violin, cello, brass and piano. Playing tracks from right across their back catalogue, the gloom-soul of Sometimes It Hurts and Show Me Everything really served to ignite the evening. Medicine showcased Neil Fraser’s subtle guitar playing, while the oldest song of the night, City Sickness, proved a highpoint, leaving many a fan nodding away approvingly, lost in a Tindersticks moment.

Stuart Staples’ vocals can be somewhat polarising for some, but he was in outstanding voice on a show-stopping rendition of My Oblivion. A fine group of musicians on stage, they created a sound to really lose yourself in, with some occasional transcendent moments.

Killian Laher

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