Tindersticks | Across Six Leap Years

Tindersticks’ latest album, released to commemorate 21 years of the band, is an odd collection. It’s not new material, yet it’s not a compilation of their finer moments. Rather it’s a re-recording from across their back catalogue utilising the current line-up. The selections here range from 1995 (She’s Gone, Sleepy Song, A Night In) up as far as two tracks from Stuart Staples’ 2005 solo album (Friday Night, Marseilles Sunshine), odd inclusions in themselves.

Despite an extensive back catalogue one of the ten tracks included here is a cover version, their admittedly exquisite version of Odyssey’s “If You’re Looking For A Way Out”. The versions here are not too dissimilar from the originals, both sharing the dramatic vocals of Stuart Staples. They are neither improvements nor major departures. Non-album piano track What Are You Fighting For? is a classy and welcome inclusion.

It’s not a bad introduction to this very consistent band, though any of their albums, or previous compilations would work equally well.

Killian Laher


1. Friday Night
2. Marseilles Sunshine
3. She’s Gone
4. Dying Slowly
5. If You’re Looking For A Way Out
6. Say Goodbye To The City
7. Sleepy Song
8. A Night In
9. I Know That Loving
10. What Are You Fighting For?

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