The story of the street sign holders in Dublin City

Everybody’s got a story. Here’s the story of the street sign holders in Dublin City.

About the documentary:

‘Signs of the Times’ is a short documentary that looks at the stories, dreams and motivations of the street sign holders of Dublin. Known as human directionals in the advertising industry, they are dotted throughout the main thoroughfares of Dublin’s city centre. Poorly paid and mostly of non-Irish origin, the sign holders are human billboards. Day after day, in rain or shine, they coax shoppers to the small businesses in the shadow of the high street.

The sign holders are likes statues, motionless against the waves of indifferent shoppers, with only their thoughts and smart phones to keep them company. They are the ultimate people watchers. As the city pulses around them they see the little dramas of urban life unfold, sound tracked by their tiny plastic headphones.

In the documentary we meet Houston, Sandip and Felipe. As they go about their daily routine on Grafton Street the once faceless silhouettes become warm characters; generously sharing stories of family, encounters with strangers and their future plans.

Directed by Stephen Rogers
Produced by Brian Murphy (Lao Lao Productions) & Natasha Duffy
Edited by Philip Jackson
Camera by Stephen Rogers
Music by Paul O’Hara
Grade by Donal O’Kane
Sound Mix by Mark/Mutiny
Graphics by Daniel Coss
Sound by Oliver Deegan

Felipe Medeiros
Sandip Babubhai Patel
Houston Mathrews Phiri
Hollywood Dancer: Alina Ortenburger
Blonde Girl: Aoife Griffin
Best Girl: Anna Keohane

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