The Collaborations Festival Launches at Smock Alley Theatre

Collaborations 2014

Collaborations in association with Smock Alley Theatre is back for more. Over a cup of tea in early June 2011 Collaborations and Smock Alley Theatre got together and made a decision, a decision to start something.

Together with Smock Alley, the Collaborations team aimed to provide an environment where emerging artists can challenge themselves to create new work. To create a platform where new artists can present this work, and more established theatre makers could try something completely new. Collaborations is a festival where everyone can support, challenge, and learn from each other. Starting something is what Collaborations is all about.

With 29 companies showcased over sixteen days last year, Collaborations has more than doubled in size in 2014, when it will host 52 theatre companies, with over 140 performances over the course of 17 days.

A full programme of events for this year’s festival can be found on the Smock Alley website, performances begin on February 26th.

Put the kettle on and let’s get started!

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