Ten minutes with Ian Parton of The Go! Team

Lynne Swan writes.

I was lucky enough to nab a few minutes of Ian Parton’s time in between ”a few band practices and a few interviews” in preparation for the band’s upcoming tour and to mark their third album release.

So Ian, any tv performances to look forward to?

I Don’t know if there really are any music shows out there any more, are there? I mean aside from the likes of Jools Holland, where can you play?

The last date of your up-coming tour is here in Ireland. As an Irish-fan I’m wondering if there’s any particular significance with this?

Well basically, we thought we’d get all the British dates out of the way first and then do that so it just worked out. We had a little gap, you know, had a little window, and we always had a really good reaction from there. Scotland and Ireland, we really seem to have hit a nerve somehow, I don’t know what it is.

You’ve played the Irish festival Oxegen in the past, would you like to play it again?

You know what there was another festival we played in Ireland, Electric Picnic, that I just loved. The area where we played was really lovely too, all the fairy lights and that really made it nice. And the line-up that year was cool too.

What were you listening to when you were recording Rolling Blackouts?

You know, I’m always just looking in new places for music. It would’ve been the things I’ve always loved really though. 60s psychedelic, library, African funk, soundtracks, Bollywood. Lots of things like that.

So basically a bit of everything really then?!

Eh, well there’s definitely a lot I don’t like. (In fact) there’s more things I don’t like than I do!

So then, how would you describe the new record?

(Well, it’s a lot) more eclectic than first two. It spans more of a broad musical area.
We’ve even used a steel drum on this record (Laughs)! And we’re taking a type-writer on stage this time round!

Oh wow! That’s definitely different!

Haha yes, it’d be good if we could get some office work done too though! (Laughs)

So over the years you’ve managed to get in quite a few collaborations with some really big names. Is there anyone left that you’d like to work with?

There’s definitely been some killers we’ve worked with over the years. (I’d have to say) Cornelius, maybe Kevin Shields. It’d be really great to get him to do some guitar for us. And you know, If I could go back in time and pick voice I’d probably pick the girl from the Shangrila or Mo Tucker or Roxanne Shanté or people like that. But people don’t really exist with voices like that any more.

My favourite song of yours is definitely Huddle Formation. It was the first song I heard of yours and it just really got me hooked. I heard it on…

… don’t say One Tree Hill…

(Laughs) OK, I won’t say it. But unfortunately it was (Laughs)

(Laughs) You know, I haven’t actually seen that yet. I imagine it’s a lot more influential than I realise though.

One of your songs featured on the soundtrack for the film Whip It. Are you guys into roller-blading at all?

I haven’t seen the film actually but, I always thought it’d be cool to do a video with the old roller derby in it.

For anyone reading this whose never been to a live show, can you give us a description of what’s to be expected?

Every gig we’ve ever done, we’ve really gone for it. Particularly Ninja, she really goes for it. She’s like a wreck when she’s coming off stage! Recording is quite a different thing from playing live. We’re definitely a bit more rocky live. (We’ve) Two drum kits, the guitars. So there’s a bigger sound.

After you wrote the first album you set about recruiting band members. Has the writing process been different for the two albums subsequent to this because you now have the band members?

I still write songs in the same way. I still dream up the songs and write samples and then ask the band to do some bass etc. We’re not really like a band in a sense that we don’t get in a room and jam. It’s got kind of layers so often I don’t really know how it’s going to turn out. It’s quite a bitty process really.

And finally, can you tell us what you get up to in your down-time on your tour-bus?

Well we play quite a lot of Frisbee when we’re touring. Usually, after sound-check, we use the venue as a kind-of Frisbee arena. Sam (Dook) can do this really cool thing where he like (Makes *whoosh* noise) kicks it up in the air!

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