TDF 2015: Douze (Xnthony)

When you first arrive at the Black Box in Smock Alley Theatre, you are presented with a cup of 7up and a sharpie pen, I’m already sold. How did star of the show, XNTHONY know that interactive theatre, fizzy lemonade and stationary are three of my absolute favourite things?

XNTHONY is a popstar; or at least he really wants to be a popstar. But he needs your support. He is asking you, begging you in fact, to help him realise this ambition. He needs you to love him, to believe in him.

With the help of his two backing singers and dancers, Hannah and Tiffany, or The Penny Slots, who really are ‘SO EXCITED’, he will dazzle us with a glitzy repertoire, in a bid to represent Ireland in the next Eurovision.

In order to make it to Sweden in 2016, XNTHONY needs his audience’s expert opinion. All you need to do is listen intently, and then mark your ballot sheet with a big ‘X’ beside your favourite song at the end of the show.

The songs are catchy and fun, they will carry you along in giddy bliss. Numbers, Family are more hilarious than you can imagine, made so by the excellent comedic timing of the XNTHONY and his girls. Glitter and Invincible (make sure to pronounce Invincible with a ‘z’, darlings) mark the close of XNTHONY’s emotive performance. We’re all feeling a bit teary, yes? Perhaps it’s all the vodka we’ve been drinking.

This show is stunning, it is high energy, and it is hilarious. Driven by a love for all things glamorous and kitsch, XNTHONY unveils the most outrageous and over the top elements of the Eurovision with billowing capes, a ladder, and ribbons. He even has giant umbrellas that look like glittering jelly-fish.

At times, as I was doubled over laughing at the trio thrashing about on stage, or gliding across the platform on roller skates, I felt a great sense of nostalgia. I recalled the joy and pantomime of 90’s Eurovision when Ireland was genuinely invested in its performers, for all of their cringe worthy brilliance. XNTHONY and The Penny Slots are filled with the same sense of excitement (SO EXCITED). It’s their not-so-guilty pleasure. This show is seamless and witty, it is a display of XNTHONY’s infatuation with performance. They really have nailed it. It will make you laugh, a lot.

Niamh Mongey


Dates: Sep 09 — 13.
Tickets: €14 / €12 conc. [Buy tickets]
Venue: The Black Box at Smock Alley

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