TDF 2015: Way of the Coconut

Way of the Coconut, Circomara Sailing Circus Company.
Waterways Ireland Visitors Centre.

Circus on a city centre sailboat. We have come anticipating rain, clocking bad weather accoutrements on the crowd around us – a macintosh, a rain hat, someone even had the foresight to bring an umbrella. As it happened, the weather decided to play nice for the final performance, and we were treated with one last push of late summer sun.

We are brought to a hush by a cheeky nautical pair – our guides – as they begin an unapologetic incorporation of our world into theirs. We follow the way of the coconut (here an actual coconut on a stick) and we are serenaded via megaphone across Grand Canal to a gazeboed section of seats. A sailboat is docked in front, and we hear a seascape amplified around us.

We watch the Solo Survivor tinker with his regular routine, punctuated by the ephemeral apparitions of a Siren. Ria Murphy’s ethereal and sultry siren plays a perfect counterpart to Henrick Gard’s jittery and battered sailor. When the siren is first hoisted out of the canal in her fishermans net, she is at once trapped and in control, much more so than our wrecked solo survivor. Ria’s captivating aerial piece very nearly steals the show, switching between languid, delicate movements and deliberate, sharp racing moves through the net, as we catch rays from the sun bounced from the water. What a backdrop. The show owes a lot to its location. From watching our Siren spin deftly over the water, or the double-act of throwing one another across shoulders and through legs, into the air, and the catches – our own catch our breath caught in our throats, fear palpable that any noise from the audience during the aerial acrobatics would result in someone ending up in the basin of Grand Canal Dock itself.

Way of the Coconut is a fun, sweet and (sea) salty piece of circus, lovingly presented and breathtakingly set among the waves of our own Grand Canal.

Jessie Doyle (Reviewed 13.09.15)

Way of the Coconut by Circomara Sailing Circus Company
Dates: Sep 11 — 13 @ 17:45
Tickets: €12
Venue: Meeting point at Waterways Ireland Visitors Centre

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