Speed of Snakes | Backbone of Night

Formed from two of Ireland’s most popular alternative rock bands, and serious MEG favourites, Adebisi Shank & BATS, Vin McCreith and Rupert Morris have been experimenting and developing Speed Of Snakes for several years. A rich blend of Vin’s synth-electronic production mastery and Rupert’s vocal and lyrical styling has created a unique sound that trespasses on the realms of dance, synthwave, pop and rock all wrapped up in an epic science fiction concept.

As a producer, Vin has worked with Cast of Cheers on their Meteor Choice Prize nominated “Chariot” and NME featured single “Loose Talk at a Party” while also working with popular Irish artists Enemies, Not Squares, Spies and Le Galaxie.

Their forthcoming debut single ‘Backbone of Night’ sports a music video directed by Stevie Russell (Cannes Young Director of the Year 2012) and their debut album ‘SPEED OF SNAKES’ will be released later this year. We’ve high hopes and after this epic debut song and video, we’re pretty sure we won’t be disappointed.

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