So Where Do We Begin: A Review

‘So Where Do We Begin’ is brought to the Smock Alley stage by the Sugar Coat theatre; bringing with them a piece that is mind-boggling, emotionally charged and genuinely hilarious.

Aoife Spillane-Hinks has managed to direct a piece which deals with some of the most complex issues that human go through, in a simple and enjoyable format. Nothing ever gets too tangled or confused. Yes, the narrative requires thought and analysis, but the audience always feel somewhat cared for. Whereas plenty of plays that tackle the human psyche try too hard to be whacky, ‘So Where Do We Begin’ has a message which is clear, whilst still maintaining it’s profoundness.

Matthew Malone plays Dave, a psychotherapist who has given up on love. One day, he is visited by a oddly behaved woman (Charlene Craig) who confesses that she has the ability to steal people’s memories.

What follows is a gruelling and vigorous analysis of the human psyche. As we delve into these character’s pasts, we learn how the smallest of events can lead to some of the deepest of psychological issues.

Having been described as a ‘shape-shifting’ play, the narrative switches between a light-hearted interplay between Dave and his whimsical colleague (Megan Riordan) to a nail-biting psychological horror; audience members are kept on their toes until the very final moments.

Review by Kevin Worrall

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