Saturday EP 2010

Saturday September 4th

Leftfield, The Frames, LCD Soundsystem, Imelda May, Hot Chip, Seasick Steve, Gil Scott Heron, Tiga, Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77, AfroCelt Soundsystem, Steve Earle, Bad Lieutenant, Villagers, Paul Brady, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Cathy Davey, Crystal Castles, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Redneck Manifesto, K’Naan, The Antlers, Robyn, Brendan Perry, And So I Watch You From Afar, Steve Mason, Heathers, Ryan Sheridan, The Japanese Popstars, Stacey Pullen, Edan the MC, Adrian Crowley, Joker & Nomad, Mountain Man, Monotonix, Philip Selway, Arveene & Misk, These New Puritans, Spilly Walker, Fang Island, Daniel Wang, Brian Deady, The Mighty Stef, Crystal Fighters, Mikki Dee & Mystro, Trojan Soundsystem, Goodtime John, Channel One.

Here’s our thoughts:


One of those acts you (or to be more accurate, I) forget about for most of the year until they pop up at a festival. Perfect for getting you through that 11pm Saturday slump if they go on the main stage last as they presumably will.

The Frames

There’s people who loved Once and then there’s people who loved the vandalized Once posters with a ‘P’ stuck in front of the film’s title. Those in the former group will probably have their trendily outfitted kids in tow for this set.

LCD Soundsystem

A banker for the weekend. If Electric Picnic was an athletes season then LCD Soundsystem is the World Championship final to peak for. The trick is to be inebriated without being hungry or tired. Probably not the trick for actual athletes. This also applies for Hot Chip

Imelda May

The phrase ‘triumphant homecoming’ will probably be used about May’s set in Monday’s papers as if she’s been away for years but this will have a valedictory air to it. If tiredness is starting to set in this will be as good a good way as any to offset it.

Hot Chip

Fingers crossed they don’t clash with LCD Soundsystem. If the schedule lets them dovetail neatly then Saturday will play host to 5 hours of excellence.

Seasick Steve

The flavour of the month this time last year, he’s since reinvented himself as a fire spewing Glam rock superstar. But he quickly tired of that and has now gone back to his old act.

Gil Scott Heron

His Dad played for Glasgow Celtic. That’s the Gods honest truth. Shout it at him as he’s playing. When he replies in the affirmative say “Oh, sound, thanks Gil, continue”.


Another DJ/Producer, this time from Canada. Even if you don’t know him it’s worth seeking him out, he’ll do a Too Many Djs-esque set

Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77

An Italian electronic duo. Will put my hands up hear, I don’t have a breeze. But Italians they’re fun aren’t they?

AfroCelt Soundsystem

It seems like there’s never been a festival where they haven’t cropped up. But that’s probably widely inaccurate. There will be those who seek them out, for the rest of us it’s worth staying if you stumble into their tent.

Steve Earle

It’s be unfair to say he’s a poor mans Johnny Cash since he’s legitimately a legend too. So I won’t say it..

Bad Lieutenant

Essentially a Pete Hook-less New Order. Never really warmed to Bernard Summer, he always seemed a bit dry. Still this is the closest you’ll get to New Order for the weekend.


Regardless of the outcome of the Mercury Prize, ‘Becoming a Jackel’ will go down as one of the albums of the year. Conor O’Brien will justifiably be given a heroes welcome.

Paul Brady

There’s the quote that follows him around about Dylan loving him but…meh.

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Eight brothers and their Da, from Chicago playing brass instruments. Lent street cred by their work with Gorillaz. I dunno, do you like hypnotic brass?

Cathy Davey

Good Irish singer-songwriter. Looking for some interesting fact I can add to that…mmmmmm….no, sorry.

Crystal Castles

Massively hyped Canadian electronic duo. That they’ve been hyped doesn’t mean they’re not great though. Singer Alice Glass likes a good crowd surf, just don’t grope her as she passes overhead, she reacts badly to that apparently.

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip

Hip-hop for people who don’t really like hip-hop. Ah no…well kind of. They put on a great show and they might modify ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’ to include what not to do at a festival.
Redneck Manifesto

The only Richter Collective band on show at this years EP. Will draw a good crowd and are old hands at reeling in an audience at this stage.


Having dropped the E’s from his name and added an A and an apostrophe, Nickelodeon’s Keenan is ready to rock. Or it could be the Somalian born artist who appeared on Keane’s comeback song last year. Unsure, but if it’s the former expect guest appearances from Kel.

The Antlers

Another cool Brooklyn band, I wish that at least one of these hyped Brooklyn bands were crap so I could say “Oh, that whole Brooklyn scene is overhyped”. But none of them are. Bastards.


The marketing heads around her might shite on about electronica and the like but she’s really just a pop singer. The perfect pop act for Electric Picnic though.

Brendan Perry

One half of ‘Dead Can Dance’ gone solo. Find me someone who’s really keen to see him, go on, I can’t. Not saying he’s bad or anything, just, you know..

And So I Watch You From Afar

In the absence of Adebisi Shank ASIWYFA will fill the instrumental rock gap quite neatly. One of about five bands over the weekend where moshing might genuinely happen

Steve Mason

Lead singer and one of the founding members of Beta Band, one of the most criminally underrated bands of the last 10 years. I’ll be there, possibly on my own.


“Do the Discover Ireland song” some eegit will drunkenly shout. I hope it’s not me, if it is I was being ironic.

Ryan Sheridan

Up and coming Irish singer-songwriter, by next year he could be on a few ‘ones to watch’ lists so if you want to get in there first..

The Japanese Popstars

One of Ireland’s best Electronic acts. Those who go solely on the band’s name and expect Tasekhi’s Castle-style madness will be sorely disappointed

Stacey Pullen

US techno artist. Stacey in this instance is a guys name, in case you had images of some ultra-cool, blonde American bird with a taste for techno in your head…as I did.

Edan the MC

Another DJ/Producer, from the States. Not much else to say to that.

Adrian Crowley

Winner of last years Choice Music Prize. A mix of a more serious Badly Drawn Boy with a not dead Nick Drake.

Joker vs Nomad

Dance combo. Why does vs, as used in dance music, never mean hand-to-hand combat? Or at least the trading of Noel Coward-esque barbed comments.

Mountain Man

American all-girl (woman?) folk group. Supporting Jonsi and Low Anthem respectfully while they’re over this side of the pond which will give you a decent reference point for their sound.


Electric Picnic has never been huge on garage rock so if you need a fix on the Saturday these Israelis (I know, who knew they made music?) are fairly mental.

Philip Selway

From Radiohead? Awesome! I’m definitely going. But wait isn’t he the drummer? Oh, never mind then…

Arveene & Misk

One of Dublin’s best underground dance combo’s. Feel like you love everyone? You a little light-headed? Go here.

These New Puritans

‘Art Rock’ that’s not off putting is it? (At times like this, sarcastic font would come in handy). Actually really good though (Just normal Times New Roman here).

Spilly Walker

A collaboration between Davit Kitt and his brother Robert. I’d have called it “The Kitt Brothers Ride Again”. But then I’m an idiot.

Fang Island

Possibly going to be the next big U.S thing to get overhyped. Got their name off The Onion according to Wikipedia which is never wrong.

Daniel Wang

DJ from California but based in Berlin. As a child his surname probably got him a lot of abuse from American kids but ‘wang’ never really took off as a word for ‘penis’ over here. If his name was Daniel Cockbag though…

Brian Deady

An intergalactic soul funkster apparently. Grand…

The Mighty Stef

Of course you could see Mighty Stef any week you wanted in Dublin (or at least it feels like it) but maybe after a heavy days boozing a set from Dublin’s soundest singer songwriter is just what’s needed.

Crystal Fighters

So Spain isn’t completely missing good music after all. Supporting Foals later this year which sounds about right.

Mikki Dee & Mystro

Mikki Dee DJs in The Village every Friday and Mystro is a British Hip Hop MC. Interesting British/Irish combo, like the Troubles.

Trojan Soundsystem

Representing the legendary record label, expect a great mix of ska, reggae, dancehall and dub. Loved by 1980’s British skinheads, but don’t let that put you off.

Goodtime John

Dublin born singer songwriter. Don’t expect one guy on a stool though, he generally assembles a good band behind him.

Channel One

Dublin four-piece. Decent mix between electronic and acoustic stuff going on here.

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