RM Hubbert | Breaks & Bone

One of the more pleasing artists to come out of Scotland in recent years is guitarist RM Hubbert. For those unaware, Hubbert is solo guitarist who accompanies his mainly instrumental music with percussion generated by his unique ‘slap and play’ combination on his instrument.
Whereas his previous album saw him collaborate with guest vocalists, this time out he has added a further element, his vocals. His wispy voice sees him come on like a Scottish Nick Drake on Bolt, Feedback Loops and Tongue Tied & Tone Deaf, the latter of which evokes Kurt Cobain at his most subdued.

The purity of his instrumental work on tracks like Son of Princess, Brother of Rambo, and Couch Crofting is unparalleled. Go Slowly is a fairly complex and gripping track with twists and turns, pauses and changes in tempo. For Helen and Buckstacy scale new heights of tenderness by virtue of allowing a little light in, helped by the production of Paul Savage which allows every detail to be heard. Final track Slights is full of gut-wrenching regret, his guitar perfectly matching the sad lyrics about loss: “sometimes it’s just too late to expect forgiveness”, aided by some studio electronics towards the end.

His music is not for the impatient. While it’s unlikely to win RM Hubbert new fans, Breaks & Bone (dedicated to his dog) will delight those who enjoyed his previous albums.

Kilian Laher

1. Son of Princess, Brother of Rambo
2. Bolt
3. Couch Crofting
4, Tongue Tied & Tone Deaf
5. Go Slowly
6. Feedback Loops
7. For Helen
8. Dec 11
9. Buckstacy
10. Slights

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