Xavier Rudd / Dark Shades of Blue

Xavier Rudd - (2008) Dark Shades Of BlueXavier Rudd / Dark Shades of Blue

Moving away from his usual upbeat, happy-go-lucky melodies Dark Shades of Blue grinds out a raw vibe with hard guitar riffs and an electric sound. Coming from a mellow Paul Weller-esque type feeling, this album projects an almost elegiac tone which clearly reflects Xavier’s journey at the time of writing it. Speaking with MEG last December Rudd explained that making music is like breathing for him, it flows through him constantly as he flows through his different journeys in life.

The album also features vocals from his Aboriginal friend Banula Marika, brother to Xavier’s Wawa, who passed away 2 years ago. Xavier wrote the song Guku as a dedication to his Wawa. The screeching guitar in the opening track Black Water is like nothing from previous albums. This is a real treat for Xavier Rudd fans. TK

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