Review: Midsummer

Between nervous glances at her phone, consistent pacing up and down her apartment, and forcefully necking down a bottle of wine, Helena (Roseanna Purcell) perfectly embodies the feeling you get waiting for that text back.

Bob (Aidan Crowe) squats on the opposite side of the stage, quietly reading a Russian novel.

In the background, we can hear the rain, music, and drunken yelling; the background noise of any city night out. After giving up waiting around for her unrequited love to get in touch, Helena downs the  rest of her sauvigon blanc, marches to Bob, and asks to spend the night with him.

The rest is history….

‘Midsummer’ is in the simplest of terms, ‘a play with music’. Eoghan Carrick directs the new adaptation of the play, which debuted on the Project Arts stage in Dublin on Thursday evening, bringing a fresh touch to a play which has toured across the UK for years.

Following Helena and Bob as they navigate a crazy weekend through the streets of Edinburgh, the audience feel immediately charmed! Helena’s fed up with her single life, and as luck would have it, so is Bob! Yet the pair still fear the big C word – commitment!
With an insanely clever use of set design that, at first glance, is just a monochromic arrangment of boxes, becomes transformed through pull out displays, hidden props, and foldout furnitures. Alyson Cummins masterminded this, and it truly becomes one of the most remarkable aspects of the production, with much of the humour deriving from how multi-purposeful the set becomes.
Lighting by Eoin Winning, also helps the play become a winner! We see the action go from outside cathedrals, old man pubs, and an underground sex dungeon.
All in all, the play is brought together through the insatiably dynamic chemistry which sparks between the two cast members. The two present stunning vocals, engaging performances, and fantastic stage prescence.
‘Midsummer’ is a story which begins in a place we can all relate to, and ends with a story that we all aspire to live.
Midsummer’ is playing in the Project Arts Center until 8th June. Tickets available here!
Review by Kevin Worrall

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