Review: Electric

It’s the summer, and a very Irish rite of passage is taking place in a field in Stradbally, Co. Meath. Two girls, from very different parts of Dublin, are at Electric Picnic. Joni (Erika Roe) is there, complete will neon and glitter, to have the weekend of her life. Scarlett (Ali Hardiman), on the other hand, is a reluctant festival-goer, sent with orders from her mother “not to complain”. When the two meet, in the fateful crush for festival port-a-loos, neither of them could have imagined the experiences that awaited them.

How could they? It’s not like either of them were gay, right? Surely, three years out of secondary school, they’d have figured that one out?

Bringing together two stories, two lives, and two very different experiences of life, Electric is a tour-de-force of a production. It is a coming of age story for our generation, these young women aren’t teenagers, and they’re still figuring it all out. Electric, in the hands of a very capable background team, also captures the frenetic energy of a music festival, the music and lighting packaging these stories in a very accessible (and extremely enjoyable) hour.

Overall, Electric is a must see for anyone who can get to it. Grab your wristbands, your glitter, and head down for the fun!


Review by Siofra Ni Shluaghadháin

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