Questions & Answers with Brendan Benson

So 15 gigs in under three weeks, in a van, are you mad?!
Quite. I did it when I was 20, but this time I’m twice the age and I’ve got a wife and baby in tow! We shall see.

Have you any particular standout memories of your previous times performing in Ireland?
I’ve had some great gigs in Ireland. Unfortunately they’re all a bit fuzzy. Probably from The Drink.

With your Irish roots what are you hoping/expecting to find here during the tour?
I want my son to smell the burning peat in the air.

You’re only playing intimate venues on this tour, would you always favour smaller settings over larger arena-style venues?
I have no preference. Each size comes with it’s particular allure.

Is it harder now being away from home for tour than perhaps in the past?
Yes. Especially with a child, but I figure I’ll just bring him along.

Are there any plans afoot to release new solo material?
Yes. Very top-secret stuff though.

I read in an interview earlier this year that there are no concrete plans to record another Raconteurs, has anything changed in that regard?
There aren’t any plans for another Racs record at this point, but it’s not an impossibility.

By: Kevin Donnellon

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  1. Dec

    Awesome. Good to see him back here. Also hope him and the other lads from the Raconteurs get back together, although with jack in dead weather and planning to get back to White Stripes work it seems it’ll be a while.

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