Q & A with Talulah Does The Hula

Kev Donnellan writes.

Irish powerpop gang Talulah Does The Hula will be performing at this years Hard Working Class Heroes Festival fresh from their debut Late Late Show appearance. We spoke with Lauren from the band about..oh all sorts really…

First off, looking forward to HWCH? Any bands you’re looking forward to seeing?
Yes! Funeral Suits, Sweet Jane and Le Galaxie are on our list

For anyone who hasn’t seen you perform live before what can they expect?
High heels, fake hair, a few wisecracks and the occasional instrument swap – oh and plenty of harmony-driven pop choons

You appeared on the Late Late a couple of weeks ago (you probably know that…). How was it? Was Ryan Tubridy sound? At Electric Picnic he took my sister’s glasses, not in a nasty way, it was cool…
It was great! Tubridy was totally sound, and even had us along for a few brewskies afterward

It must be great with a Late Late appearance that you can show people like your Granny something tangible. “Look Gran we’re on the Late Late”. That’s not really a question…
My mum’s in the states and isn’t really aware of the ‘Late Late’ institution – I’ve told her it’s just like being on Johnny Carson. that’s not a question either!

You all had previous experience in bands, did that help you guys in terms of negotiating your way around the industry? Were you a bit more headstrong this time round for instance?
It definitely helps to have previous experience under our belts. most of all, being in other bands really gave us the perspective to know what we want to strive for and what’s important to us musically and personally

Looking at your website there’s an amazing picture on the main page of you guys lounging around in opulent surroundings. How did that picture come about? Do you think the style/appearance side of things with a band is important?
Thanks dude! That picture was inspired by the biba look of the 60s and 70s – which itself evoked Hollywood glamour of the 30s. we thought it would be fun to create something opulent that would almost look like a painting. you wouldn’t guess that was Paula and Caoimhe’s living room! our style is a personal thing for us – while it’s obviously not integral to being in a band from a musical standpoint, it adds to the theatricality and the overall event of performing – long story short, it’s fun to dress up!

What are the plans for the near future in terms of recording/releases/tours?
We’re hoping to release our next single over the next couple of months, and will plan gigs around ireland to support it. no dates set yet, but watch this space!

Gun to your head, if you could work with one other artist who would it be?
That’s a tough one, and i think we’d probably never all agree on one! For me it’s They Might Be Giants, but then Jessie would go for Richard Gotteher (who wrote ‘My Boyfriends Back’ and produced the Go Gos and the Dum Dum Girls), etc etc etc

What’s your favourite album/single of the year so far?
Probably ‘California Girls’ by Katy Perry. yummy pop. nom.

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