Q & A with Adebisi Shank

Adebisi Shank are a ‘Robot-Rock’ instrumental trio from Wexford and are gearing up for the release of their second album, ‘This is the Second alum of a band called adebisi shank’. We spoke with drummer Mick about the new album, touring and their awesome name…

So busy couple of weeks ahead for you guys, 14 straight days of gigs, including Indiependence and Castlepalooza. Excited or apprehensive?

I’m excited now, the first few gigs really took the edge off it, Off The Cuff and Glasgowbury were so awesome and we saw so many old friends. Wasn’t really sure if we could still play to be honest but I think we’ve pulled it off so far. Really looking forward to this weekends festivals too.

What’s the plan with the new album, when is it being released?

The album will be released on 20th August in Ireland through Richter Collective and 6th September on BSM in UK (CD & Vinyl) and then on 6th October in Japan (CD) through Parabolica.

How has the Adebisi Shank sound evolved from the first album?

I think it’s a lot more organic and natural, it flows better and is a good bit longer (about the length of a normal album now). Its very different musically but I think we maintained the same energy throughout.

You’ve previously toured Europe and Japan any immediate plans to return or maybe even tour the States?

We plan on returning to Europe and Japan before the year is out. We would love to tour the states, just need to find a label first..

The bands in your label, Richter Collective, seem fairly closely knit, that must be a big help having a bit of a community around you?

It is awesome having a community around us, we can help each other with contacts and different skills etc. we really are so lucky to be honest.

Finally, the name Adebisi Shank, tell me it came from the TV show Oz? Myself and Colm (meg.ie’s tea boy) were big into that programme. In fact, more bands should be named after characters from that show. (Augustus Hill Quartet anyone?)

It did come from the show, to be honest I’ve only seen a few shows but Lar was a massive fan and we needed a name in a hurry when we named the band…seems to have stuck ok though..


By Kev Donnellan

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