Preview Fringe 2017: The Assassination of Pope Urban II

The Assassination of Pope Urban II is an experimental comedy show written by Dublin based comedian and theatre maker, James Moran. The show uses the fictional story of Pope Urban II as a vehicle to explore the author’s relationship with illness and disability. Over the course of 60 minutes, James Moran explores these themes using live script readings of weird sitcoms, music (including home-made theme tunes), illustrations and stand-up comedy. At the end of the play, Pope Urban II himself, played by Dick Walsh, pays a visit to give the audience some much needed advice for the future.

Born a runt, Pope Urban II lived with a wasting disease of the body and spirit that has been eradicated by modern medicine. After being born and raised in a graveyard by friendly ghouls and dead bodies he went to the Vatican where he was elected Pope in 1088. Eleven years later he was abducted and murdered by visitors from a distant planet. Using his diaries as reference, James Moran shines a light on Pope Urban II’s innermost thoughts and the details of his brutal and nightmarish life.

James Moran is a comedian, theatre maker and cyberpsychologist (MSc) based in Dublin. His performances are strange and surreal, involving long rambling stories with numerous asides, a sharp wit and an ability to get a rise out of the audience. He has a great love of television, many of his shows involve reading impossible sitcom scripts, but he is also influenced greatly by the Irish literary and storytelling tradition, particularly by Flann O’Brien.

James’ most recent project was What Is A World View, a show co-directed with Dick Walsh Theatre, performed as part of Live Collision in the Project Arts Centre. In 2016, James’ first solo show, RAFFLE!! was performed at TULCA Festival of Visual Art. In 2014 James co-wrote and performed Atom Tick: An Experimental Comedy Show (Pallas Projects/Studios). James has also performed comedy at festivals such as Body and Soul, Electric Picnic and the Vodafone Comedy Festival.

Time/Date: 18.45, 20-23rd Sept (Preview 19th)
Other Performances: 2.15pm,23rd Sept
Location: Boys School, Smock Alley Theatre
Ticket Price: €14

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