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Peter Broderick is a prolific artist. Although he has an album scheduled for release in February, he has released this mostly instrumental soundtrack for a documentary on the subject of missing persons just before the year is out.

The music consists of piano, guitar and various stringed instruments, all performed by Broderick, with occasional help on vocals from Arone Dyer. It opens with the atypical In The Valley Itself, some slightly overdone vocals from Dyer are accompanied by chiming guitars. More representative is The Last Christmas (note the definite article!), a stately piano piece. We Didn’t Find Anything is quite ambient, with distant strings and piano, while the soaring piano and strings of We Enjoyed Life Together and It Wasn’t A Deer Skull are reminiscent of Dickon Hinchcliffe’s Vendredi Soir soundtrack.

One of the standouts, What Was Found, combines heavily treated echoing guitar with woodwind to great effect, you can almost hear the bleakness of the forest, but much of the rest of the soundtrack is insubstantial, leaving little impression.

The Person of Interest is a rather busy track with frantic violins and repeating guitars, and proceedings are brought to a close by a relatively unadorned guitar track, Old Time. It’s a simple and effective song sung by Peter Broderick, in keeping with his work on Home and How They Are, with cellos joining the mix before the end.

But overall not an essential collection, more an appetite-whetter for the main event in a few months time.
Killian Laher



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