Number of female gamers still on the rise


The idea of a girl playing computer games shouldn’t be all that shocking. Granted the industry remains predominantly a guy’s world, but if you’re one of the many people enjoying multiplayer online gaming, you’re probably used to running into a girl or two while playing. But even the most experienced players might be shocked to realise just how many girls they’re going up against in the gaming world, as many choose to hide their female status.

There’s been a steady increase in female gamers over the years. PBS reported, the percentage of female players increased from 40% in 2010 to 48% in 2014.

Even though the study cited from Entertainment Software Association revealed the fact that adult female gamers have now surpassed boys under the age of 18 as the largest video game-playing demographic in the U.S., you’re still a lot more likely to hear about or see a boy under 18 playing video games than you are women of any ages. Why? Because despite the growing number of female players, women are still criticised for playing.

According to KIMT, the large gap between the number of female and male players still causes some women to be intimidated when trying to fit into the gaming world. And it doesn’t help that some male players can add to this hesitation by harassing them. KIMT interviewed female gamer Ashley Kammeyer, who said that even if a female gamer is just as passionate about games and as skillful as a male, it’s not uncommon that she could get dismissed simply because of her gender.

But for many, the possibility of any judgement they could potentially receive (or have received) hasn’t been enough to push them away from their passion, and that goes beyond video and console games. There’s also been a rise in the number of female players in the gambling world too.

While a seemingly finite set of female celebrity poker players such as Jennifer Tilly and Shannon Elizabeth have remained the focal point among female gamblers over the years, there is a continuous influx of gifted female players that didn’t come from Hollywood that are cleaning up at the tables. But since the average player doesn’t have access to large poker events, online options are becoming a common place to find skillful players.

It’s not just the convenience of playing online that draws women to the tables, there’s also the hook of anonymity. And of course the option to play for free. At Intercasino, players can opt to use the “play for fun” option so that you can test out table games (like poker and roulette) without having to spend anything. When you’re ready you can go live, and all without leaving the couch.

Whether you’re playing an online multiplayer or hitting the tables for some Texas Hold’em, you’re going to run into more female gamers as time goes on. So next time you’re trash talking into your TurtleBeaches, plan your pronouns appropriately.

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