Mumford & Sons | Hopeless Wanderer

Guest starring Jason Bateman, Ed Helms, Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte. Jason Bateman could stand on his head for 3 minutes and we’d share it, so…

Mumford & Sons said, “We are delighted to present to you our new video for the song Hopeless Wanderer. A massive pair of thumbs-up to Sam Jones for directing and his cast of young budding actors. We’re sure they all have bright futures ahead of them” they joked.

Ben Lovett impersonator Ed Helms summed-up the experience: “We had an absolute blast shooting this video and the final product only confirms what I felt going in – thank god we’re a fake band.

“We’re so grateful to be a successful fake band. It’s been years of fake dedication and fake hard work to get here, and I really believe we are at the forefront of abject fraudulence.”

Jason Sudeikis, Marcus Mumford’s impersonator surmised: “After hours and hours were spent, and pint after pint were ingested, the heated debate of which country, America or England, had the better rock bands had been decidedly won by England. Leaving a group of True Americans (Sam, Ed, Jason, and Will) no other choice but to portray one of those great British bands, as only Americans could.

Winston Marshall’s stand-in, Jason Bateman, concluded: “Getting a chance to pretend I’m a rock star was the proudest I’ve been of myself while awake.”

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