Lords of Strut bring you ‘Absolute Legends’

‘Kids come into the theatre and they can feel it is an unfamiliar space, as it can seem intimidating or too serious. We wanted to get rid of that completely.’

Dizzying acrobatics. Colourful and bombastic costumes. And lots and lots of 80s music. It can only mean one thing. The return of Lords of Strut to Irish shores.

This February, Cormac Mohally and Cian Kinsella will assume their roles as Famous-Seamus and Sean-tastic once more, by travelling across the nation with the second leg of their tour ‘Absolute Legends.’ In the show, the dynamic duo set out to create the ‘perfect routine’.

Cian Kinsella (Sean-tastic) tells Meg.ie ‘The show is very audience-driven. We want to bring them on an adventure, through our different dream states, play games and have fun with them. It is very slapstick. It involves chase sequences, colourful costumes, lots of 80s music!’

One of the standout moments of the show sees all of the kids in the audience storm the stage in a hilarious ‘stage invader’ sequence.

‘It isn’t the favourite part of the stage managers, but the audience loves it,’ Kinsella laughs.  ‘Kids can come into the theatre and feel that it is an unfamiliar space. It can seem intimidating or too serious. We wanted to get rid of that completely. Let them feel as if it’s their own space. So, we let them shout. Let them jump up on stage. The more involved the kids are, the more loose and real we come as performers. And that’s when we have the real craic.’

Asked to describe the new incarnation of the show in three words, Kinsella says ‘A fantasy dance comedy.’

He continues talking about how the show has resonated with audiences so far. ‘People love satire and they love it when someone makes fun of another person – as long as it’s in a lighthearted loving way. I don’t think you have to be political to be considered a real artist. We’re expressing ourselves by just showing the silly side of the world.

Having been on the go for almost 10 years, the dynamic dance duo has impressed audiences with their performances that mix jaw-dropping gymnastics with slapstick humor. They have performed around the world with the group THISISPOPBABY in the theatrical explosion that was ‘RIOT’. Though they are probably most recognised off their appearance on the 2017 series of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, where they made it all the way to semi-finals.

Most recently, they made headlines by teaming up with US comedy powerhouse National

Lampoon to make the critically acclaimed show, ‘Champions of Dance’ during last year’s Dublin Fringe Festival. They also hit our screens on RTE Junior in a new kid’s TV series called ‘Body Brothers’. So, it is safe to say it has been quite the busy year…. Out of all the triumphs and successes the pair have achieved, Kinsella considers which moments were the true standouts. As well as what to look forward to in the future…

‘Performing at Glastonbury in a massive cabaret tent. We are performing again this year in a better time slot. Also making and launching Body Brothers, which is now working on the second season. We will continue making shows for children and adults by doing lots of touring, summer festivals, as well as a new tour with Champions of Dance.

‘Absolute Legends’ plays five dates across the country, kicking off February 19th and finishing on March 28th.

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