Fringe 2017: Lords of Strut – Absolute Legends


Fresh from a rousing performance at ‘Riot’, the Britain’s Got Talent Semi Finalists, Lords of Strut are back with their new comedy show ‘Absolute Legends’. Skillfully combining dance and athletics, Sean Fantastic and Famous Seamus show is one of the most energetic and high-octane performances of the Fringe Festival. This jaw dropping spectacle details the brothers search for the perfect routine to showcase their ‘Fusion’ dance style and propel them to unparalleled levels of fame and fortune, with hilarious results.

The show itself is geared towards families and children with plenty of audience interaction and pantomime moments, but that does not stop it from being thoroughly enjoyable for adults too. As well as showcasing some very impressive and skillful dance moves, comedic duo Cian Kinsella and Cormac also have the comedic timing and on stage chemistry that most acts can only dream of. The audience in turn responded with raucous laughter.

The jokes are hilarious, the costumes wild and outrageous and the dancing jaw dropping. My only criticism would be that the inclusion of a character called Mr Rump (a satirical take on Donald Trump) falls flat and feels forced and the show does not need it.

This fun filled show is a must see for families during the Fringe. A glorious mix of comedic gold and awe inspiring dance moves, it really should not be missed.

Laura Carroll

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