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david kitt

Kitt takes his show off the beaten track.

You can’t keep a good man down and that is certainly true of David Kitt. Emerging from a rough couple of years Kitt is back on form and touring Ireland with songs from his recent album ‘Not Fade Away’.

He is eager to show the world what he is made off and his new show does just that. Exclusively on sale at his gigs is another album entitled ‘Misfits’, which is a collection of songs that didn’t quite fi t on any of his other albums. The idea of the CD is “to sell stuff directly to the people that come to the gigs.” He’s determined to take his show on the road “we’ve been kind of playing a lot of places that we haven’t done before, Ratoath being one of them, and its just been great – I think people really appreciate you getting off the main circuit of Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick, which is where everyone seems to play.” Kitt and his band have played places like Tuam, Gorey and Mullingar and are still to play in Ratoath and Waterford this Summer.

Talking about Summer gigs, Kitt is a regular at Electric Picnic and this year he is starting a new project with his brother Robbie and in sticking to the mentality of the festival he has confirmed that he will be “there in some capacity!” Although he did drop hints that he may be making an appearance at Oxegen, although it’s still to be confirmed.David Kitt

Kitt, having had trouble with his record label, is now out on his own and has decided to show his fans a collection of song that didn’t quite fit on any of the albums he has released. “Over the years I’ve built up a lot of stuff that’s really good in it’s own right but didn’t quite fit on any of the releases, [Misfits] are just an attempt to archive some of that and make sure it doesn’t disappear and also about getting as much out there as possible”.

You will even find some of the songs that didn’t make it on to his recent Covers album. When asked about the Covers album Kitt spoke like a true musician “I don’t usually do covers, even when I was growing up as a kid I never really worked on other peoples songs, I just kinda played whatever came into my head more or less and just started messin’ around with my own songs from pretty early on”. Soul music stands out as a favourite and when asked who he would like to cover his songs “Al Greene, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin any of the good soul singers.” David Kitt brings his take on soul music to The Venue on Saturday 26th May.

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