Killing Bono premier

By Lynne Swan
It was an absolute pleasure to interview the cast and crew of the new movie, Killing Bono, ahead of the movie’s European premiere in The Savoy cinema, Dublin. First up to be grilled by the info-hungry journos was the film’s director, Nick Hamm.

LS: Can I ask you, what attracted you to this movie?

Nick Hamm: Because I thought there was a story here about failure and I think that most people fail when they attempt a career in music or fashion or anything really in the arts world and I thought that there was a real every man’s story there that we could all identify with.

LS: How was it working with Pete Postlethwaite on his last movie?

NH: Pete was not very well when we started putting this movie together so we wrote him a specific role that he could play in a certain way and we created a very funny part for him because I wanted to show that he can play that kind of comedy.

LS: And I have to ask, are you a fan of U2 yourself?!

NH: Oh yeah, I love U2. Why wouldn’t I?!


Next up to the plate were ex-rockers, and U2 rivals, Neil and Ivan McCormick.


LS: How protective were you over the book going to screen?

Neil McCormick: I wasn’t protective at all! First of all it’s really difficult to make a film and I didn’t actually think they’d get the damn thing made and so they’ve been paying me for 7yrs to renew the rights and I thought this is my retirement policy so when it started actually getting made the one thing I didn’t want to do was stand in front of it. In the 80s we tended all our eggs before they hatched, this time I was letting someone else deliver the eggs. This was their story, their version, I’ve told my story, this somebody else’s version, so I can just stand-back and try and enjoy it. Which is a little bit difficult.

LS: How do you feel about the actors that portrayed you on screen?

NMcC: They’re a couple of really good-looking guys so they’ve obviously cast very well as you can see!


And finally, last up to face a barrage of reporters were, Robert Sheehan and Ben Barnes.


LS: How did it feel having the brothers on set when you were portraying them?!

Ben Barnes: Em, well I kind of wasn’t allowed to meet Neil McCormick until about two-thirds of the way through because he assured me that he was so irritating that if I tried to kinda copy his mannerisms, the film would be un-watchable so, eh, but when he actually turned up I was quite nervous and he’s actually a really, really lovely man, although he’s banned me from saying that… he’s like; even my wife doesn’t call me lovely! But, yeah we had a fantastic time doing it!

LS: Prince Caspian or Neil McCormick?!

BB: I think Neil McCormick.

Robert Sheehan: Oooh! Who would you rather kiss, tongue kiss, tongue kiss in the ear.

BB: Myself in the mirror!

BB (to Rob): You’re not doing the int and you answer the questions not ask them!

RS: What did you prefer, did you prefer wearing new romantic or metal-male armour and a sword?!

BB: The new Roman stuff was more comfortable and I enjoyed the earrings!

RS: It was quite silky round the genitals!

BB: We would take it a bit too far though, he’d be in ridiculous dungarees and I’d be in like baggy MC Hammer trousers and like eye-liner and then we’d go what is this theme? We need earring and a quiff and make up and black lipstick and we just kind of pushed it until it was no longer funny!

RS: We embraced it too much if anything!

LS: How long were you in hair and make-up?

RS: I really depended on the morning, it depended what kind of get up we had that afternoon, but eh usually about an hour!

The film goes on general release on April 1st.

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