about MEG

MEG was set up in 2010 to write about what was coming up in film and theatre in Leinster (mainly Dublin, in fairness). It soon took on a life of its own and became more focused on the beautifully vibrant theatre scene in Dublin. Over the years, with lots of different people at the helm and manning the sails, MEG staffers have attended hundreds of events. Maybe even thousands, who knows!

MEG has always been about separating the wood from the trees. We only talk about things that we’re interested in, we don’t talk for the sake of talking. We also don’t review for the sake of reviewing, because we don’t believe in giving a bad review. If we’re not into something, we’ll let the people behind it know that we won’t write a review. And most people are ok with that.

While we’re mainly theatre focused now, we’re always interested in interesting things, who isn’t? So drop us a line if you’ve got a scoop. We also love a scoop.

Or, if you think you’d like to join our motley crew, drop us a line. MEG wants you.

Founder and (semi-available but not really) Editor in Chef, Trish: trish@meg.ie

Writer, Reviewer and (mostly available) Theatre Editor, Kevin: kevin@meg.ie