Is a Deadwood movie on the cards?

For those of have had the extreme pleasure of experiencing the 3 seasons of Deadwood, there are 2 words which would endeavour you to watch it again. Al. Swearengen. Al, played by Ian McShane, is the the life’s blood of the camp, and arguibly the show. But the giving doesn’t stop there, Deadwood imparts televisual joy that treads deeper than a meer tale of pending San Fransisco c*cksuckers and fucking Pinkertons. It is one of the finest series of this generation. On second though, perhaps I insult the fucking Pinkertons, in reality they far excel any ‘meer’ impact on the camp.

Deadwood graced our small screens a staggering 11 years ago, lasting just 36 episodes before shockingly poor ratings led to it’s demise. For those who watched it, you’ll have spotted an above average ratio of the actors from Deadwood went on to either Sons of Anarchy or Justified, which is kind of cool. And rumour has it, Ian McShane has been cast in season 6 of Game of Thrones, which is very cool. If Ian McShane’s Al Swearengen is not on your dead-people-dinner-party list, you’re missing out on a serious experience. In reality though, Swearengen wasn’t a likeable man but McShane’s reimagining is certainly some of the finest acting ever displayed.

Deadwood is based on the true story of a town, called Deadwood, in South Dakota in the 1870s. The show tells the story of the town’s beginnings when residents refer to it as the camp, with some well-known residents and passers through, like Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Jane. Despite winning eight Emmys and a Golden Globe for Ian McShane, HBO announced the cast wouldn’t be renewed which basically, and ultimately meant the show wouldn’t be returning for a fourth season. In the months that followed there were talks of two-hour specials etc. but it wasn’t to be.

The show’s creator David Milch told Esquire in 2011 that he was still holding on to some hope of a return. And after a pretty long radio silence, Garret Dillahunt, who plays Jack McCall and Francis Wolcott, tweeted last week about it.

Keeping the spirit alive, he tweeted this the following day…

Since then, a spokesman from HBO confirmed to Variety that there have been “very preliminary discussions”. We’re not getting our hopes up again, but we’re definitely going to keep an eye on Milch and Dillahunt.

*Update (22:00): W. Earl Brown, aka Swarengen’s righthand man Dan Dority, shushed any nay sayers who suggested Deadwood couldn’t return due to the lack of a set and the accompanying cash injection it would take to recreate the camp.

Four reasons to (re)watch Deadwood:

1. Deadwood will tickle any whiff of a whiskey hankering. It should be consumed 50% from a shot glass and the other 50% from the fucking bottle.

2. Deadwood will starkly improve the standard in which you relate instructions, and stories, to those in your company. The style of speech in Deadwood is Shakespearean-Cowboy. And no, it’s some rad mix by Baz Luhrman. The characters take time to choose their words, sometimes it’s because their life depends on it, but mainly they just speak more better than us modern folk.

3. Deadwood will also simultaneously increase the number of times you say the phrase ‘c*cksucker’, tenfold. And you won’t even notice. Or care.

4. The writers crafted each and every character and storyline with the same dedicated precision. So have the set designers, the production team, the cinematographers, the costume designers, everyone involved. Which is why it is so good.

Trish Keenan

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