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Edmund Enright, better known as Mundy has seen his Irish popularity has soared through the roof after an impromptu performance of Steve Earl’s ‘Galway Girl’ brought about nationwide obsession with the song. He’s busy touring this Summer with an appearance at Electric Picnic, among others, still to come before he heads down under for a string of gigs. So where did it all start? He debut single ‘To you I Bestow’ hit the charts in 1996 and was picked up for the soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet. In fair Offaly where we lay our scene, Mundy shot to fame. His record deal with Sony saw his debut album sell 50,000 copies back in ’96.

Creative differences led to Mundy and Sony parting company and the establishment of his current record label Camcor Records. His next album 24 Star Hotel featured, what many would consider to be his signature tune, July, a song written about the joys of the Irish Summer (easy to see it was written before Irish Summers ceased to exist!). He released one more album in 2004 and then a live album in 2006 before returning with Strawberry Blood in 2009.

His live album Live and Confusion featured himself and Sharon Shannon singing Galway Girl which went on to become the highest download in Ireland in 2007 and introduced him to the highs of Glastonbury, Electric Picnic, Oxegen and various other festivals throughout the UK and Ireland.
“I actually ended up singing the song with Steve Earl at the Cambridge Folk Festival. And I was playing in Ireland the next day and I was kind of saying to him, you know I’d love you to take a verse on it the next day because I’d love you to see how big it’s become. He said that he couldn’t make the gig. Then I got asked to go on stage with Sharon and I started singing that song and then I turned around at the second verse and Steve Earl’s taking a microphone and he’s singing away. It was a surprise, usually these things are agreed but he had said he couldn’t do it, so it was definitely a big surprise”.

He made a guest appearance with Nina Persson earlier this year in The Academy. “In every town, A Camp were trying to get somebody who was well known to duet on this song ‘Golden Teeth and Silver Medals’ and I got an email from Nina saying that she had been on my website and heard me singing and thought that I was suitable. It’s a great song and it was a brilliant duet. It’s a pity we didn’t get to do a few more gigs”.

He has taken a different direction with his new album and after riding the Galway Girl train for the past couple of years does Mundy have what it takes to stay in the public’s heart? “I think the new album is a slow burner, I think it’s the best album I’ve ever made. I genuinely think that. I think there’s a lot of good songs on it. It’s quite a tough market at the moment because there’s a lot of big hitters out. All the major labels have their major artists out and me and ‘Strawberry Blood’ are in the middle of it all. But it went in at No. 14. I was kind of hoping it would be top ten but you can’t be top ten all the time”.

The album is a big departure from his ‘Galway Girl’ image and he said there was a conscious effort to get back to the original roots of his first two albums, which both made platnum, with ’24 Star Hotel’ reaching double platnum status in Ireland. The artwork for the album features Mundy with his face painted “I was kind of going for a medicene man / Indian – opposite to cowboy type feel. It was just a bit of craic, we were doing a photoshoot and I put paint on my face for a couple of photographs and I just kind of liked it”. We have 2 copies of ‘Strawberry Blood’ to give away, click here to enter.

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