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Jarlath Regan is set to perform  as part of 10 Days in Dublin on 06 + 07 July at 6pm in The New Theatre. We grabbed a couple of minutes with him ahead of the festival.

What was the turning point that made you follow your dream out of advertising and into comedy? I loved your christmas cards, you must still love design?
There was a time in Ireland around 8 years ago when it felt like everyone who wasn’t making shed loads of cash from working in an office was either considering or actually jacking it in to pursue their dreams. Yoga studios were opening next door to each other and doing well. Photography shops, galleries, coffee shops(!) you name it, people really were able to make a living at just about anything. I was lucky to be let go from my job in January 2006 so I went for it too. I had already been in the final of some competitions for the BBC and Channel 4. I felt like I was getting the hang of it. I was 25 years old. I just thought fuck it. I love this more than anything, lets give it a go. I had also started to sell my greeting cards through and they were doing okay. That made things easier too.

The Dublin comedy scene is so vibrant and full of talent. It comes across as a really nice, close knit scene to be a part of. How much has it changed since you became involved?
The Dublin comedy scene is full of talent but I’m not sure how “nice” it is. Worldwide it’s a tough industry because the very nature of solo performance means that it’s absurdly competitive. Dublin is rammed full of good comics, much more so than other places I’ve been. As a result, it might be a little more cut-throat. That’s either a change that has come about since I started or something I didn’t notice in the beginning.

What can audiences expect from your 10 Days show?
The show is about not giving up and being silly in the face of adversity. I’ll be doing a bunch of stories, drawings and illustrated points about things that have happened in the past year. If you are looking for a show to help you laugh at how stupid our situation is then this is the one to see. I think.

Who are your comedy heroes?
I really admire the work of Dylan Moran, John Mulaney, Louis CK, Demetri Martin, Mike Birbiglia, Eugene Mirman, Steve Martin, Zach Galifianakis, Jerry Seinfeld and a lot of other people I can’t think of right now. But apart from that I don’t have any heroes.

Do you have a favourite crap joke? (Mine is – Where does the general keep his army? Up his sleevey. It’s a classic, classic.)
A dog walks into a jobs centre and says “I’m looking for a job?” Woman behind the counter says, “Holy shit, you’re a talking dog! Have you tried the circus?” Dog says, “What would they need a plumber for?”

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