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Dublin comedy team Diet of Worms return with an exciting new live radio experience. Based on their 2010 play ‘Strollinstown’ (nominated for the Fishamble New Writing Award), The Strollinstown Radio Hour is a mix of sketches and stories from West Dublin’s strangest suburb, in the grand tradition of classic radio comedy, complete with live sound effects. We had a chat with Shane ahead of their 10 Days in Dublin appearance this July 10 & 11 in The New Theatre. [Ticket information below]

What can audiences expect from your show at 10 Days?
It’s going to be an incredibly fun show, I think. We did a play with the same characters a few years ago at the Dublin Fringe and people seemed to really enjoy it, so we were very excited to revamp the characters and story and present them all in a totally different way. The show will be set up like a live traditional radio production, with microphones and live foley sound effects. We’ll be running from playing our parts to making the sound effects and back. You’ll be able to see it all happen right there in front of you. There’s going to be a lot of energy. We really can’t wait to get started.

What was it about 10 Days that intrigued you?
I had performed a little solo set at one of the 10DID events last year and really loved the atmosphere of the festival, so when the opportunity to get involved this year arose, we jumped at it. There are a lot of great acts getting involved again this year and we really wanted to be a part of that.

Where else can people catch your show?
10 Days in Dublin is pretty much the one and only place you can see Diet of Worms perform for the foreseeable future. We’re getting this show together especially for this festival. We’ll continue to produce our web shows and sketches though. You can find them all on YouTube.

If you could have any super power, which one would you have and why?
I guess I’d like to have the power to stop time. There was a show on TV when I was a kid, where this girl could stop time when she touched the tips of her index fingers together. I always thought that was pretty cool. There aren’t enough hours in my day so it would be a very helpful and practical tool, I reckon.

Tell us a joke…
This is the reason I never tell anyone that I’m a “comedian” unless I absolutely have to. If I do, “tell us a joke” will soon follow and the horrible disappointing truth is… I don’t know any. In lieu of jokes, I prefer to make up extravagant lies like “Little known fact but, legally, Big Brother contestants HAVE to be given their mail while their in the house. It’s the law. The producers just never mention it.” and try to look as earnest as possible until the person I’m telling it to eventually is forced to consider that it might be true.


Diet of Worms have been regulars on the Irish and UK comedy circuits since 2006, taking shows to the Edinburgh and ABSOLUT Dublin Fringe Festivals, including last year’s sell out hit ‘CULT’. They’ve also produced the web series’ The Taste of Home and Dublin Stories.

Tickets are available in the ticket office located at No 9 Wellington Quay, just between the Clarence Hotel and The Workman’s Club. The ticket office is open from 10am till 6pm every day until the end of the festival. You can also book online through the programme available at 10 Days in Dublin online.

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