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Cloud Castle Lake are a four piece from Dublin city, who have been a part of the Irish live scene for a while playing festivals such as Electric Picnic, Castle Palooza, Body & Soul, Hard Working Class Heroes and Whelan’s Ones To Watch 2011. They are currently working on their debut L.P.  Lead singer Daniel stopped to chat with us before their 10 Days in Dublin gig in the Unitarian Church on 11 July at 8pm.

Who would you compare yourself to, if anyone, musically?
We take inspiration from a lot of fairly disparate sources and we try to mould those influences and ideas into something coherent and vibrant of our own and in the same way with this show we’ve been taking cues from Ennio Morricone, Arvo Pärt, Julia Holter, some Joanna Newsom arrangements, certain jazz elements and of course, numerous classical compositions.

What are your expectations for the 10 Days in Dublin gig?
A lot of the ideas we have for this performance have us very excited. Using all these new players in exciting and unorthodox ways and reinventing the roles for ourselves gives us the chance to have a lot of fun. Of course, this adds plentiful new risks but I guess that’s part of the excitement too.

At the 10 days in Dublin gig you are playing with an orchestral and choral accompaniment. Where did the inspiration for this come from and will it be something you hope to incorporate more in your music in the future?
We’ve incorporated orchestral arrangements in our performances in the past but for those shows their purpose was more to embellish the existing format whereas with this show, that’s flipped. It came about because when the Unitarian was suggested as a venue when we were approached about doing 10 Days, we felt that our usual set up in there would just be too loud and would require a huge amount of compromisation just to get it to work. So then came the decision to actively take advantage of the acoustics in the church rather than fight against them and the orchestra/choir idea came pretty quickly after that.

It’s always been our intention to have a wide variety of instruments in our recordings and to never limit ourselves when a good idea is hit upon and many of the things you will hear on the 11th will find their place on the LP.

Where can people see you play in the next while?
After this one we’re playing Castlepalooza in Offaly which is on the 03 – 05 of August, then Electric Picnic and then we’ll be doing a headline show in the Button Factory probably sometime in October.

When is your debut LP available?
Hopefully before the year is out.

Tickets are available in the ticket office located at No 9 Wellington Quay, just between the Clarence Hotel and The Workman’s Club. The ticket office is open from 10am till 6pm every day until the end of the festival. You can also book online through the programme available at 10 Days in Dublin online.

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