HWCH returns to Dublin

The sheer amount of events and options available at HWCH 2013 is a bit overwhelming. While we were feeling the autumn chill today, we settled into some reading and drew up a little hitch hikers guide to get you through the weekend.

HWCH starts this Thursday 03 October 2013 and it’s city wide (Dublin city). The venues for this year’s festival are WholeWorldBand Stage at The Workman’s Club, 45Sound Stage at The Button Factory, Deezer Stage at The Mercantile, Vevo Stage at Meeting House Square, Twisted Pepper and The New Theatre. The Box office will again be in Filmbase, Curved St from 03 October until 05 October. The gigs will mostly kick off around 7.30pm each night of the festival.

Firstly, it’s worth pointing out the free stuff because there’s lots of it. It’s called HWCH & The City. 28 venues in Dublin city hosting 35 of the bands from the evening line up during the day, for free. There’s tattoo parlours, markets, fancy tea shops, bookshops, hostels, coffee shops, arty design shops and restaurants all on the venue list. You don’t need a ticket to attend any of these daytime shows and they’re all ages. We’ve done a list below of all the venues for this part of the festival and if you click here, you’ll see all of them marked on a Google Map – not our doing, the thoughtful people at HWCH have done the ground work on that. Click here to visit their website. Click “And The City” and view the venue break down.

Daytime venues:
Chapters, Google, Bean and Gone, Dublin Ink, Dux & Co, Madigans, Oxfam Parliament st, Crackbrid, Jo Burger, Roasted Brown @ Filmbase, Pacinos, New Theatre Bookshop, Oxfam Georges st, Designist, Brioche, Powerscourt Centre, Tower Records, Bear, Urban Picnic, Wall and Keogh, Exchange, The Feroscious Mingle Marcade, The Gutter Bookshop, Skinflint, Generator and NDRC.

Then there’s the talks. They take place in the NDRC on Crane St., in the Liberties area of Dublin. There’s a huge amount of show here, best to peruse at your leisure. But there’s a “Build your own guitar pedal” workshop on Saturday morning from 10-2pm. Here’s the weekend break down.

There’s 101 bands lined up to play across the city. Tickets are available through Entertainment.ie. Here’s a full line up (in alphabetical order):

Affleck, Anderson, Benny Smiles, Biggles Flys Again, Blades Club!, Bouts, Carriages, CARRIED BY WAVES, Cat Dowling, Cave Ghosts, Cfit, CLU, Come On Live Long, Conor Walsh, Cove, croupier, Daithi, Death In The Sickroom, DOGS, Dott, Dylan Tighe, Elaine Mai, Elastic Sleep, Fallen Rule, Fears, Floor Staff, Frankenstein Bolts, Garret Moore, Ghosts, Gorgeous Colours, GRIM, Groom, Halves, Haüer, Hozier, I <3 The Monster Hero, I HAVE A TRIBE, I’m Your Vinyl, Inni-K, Jet Setter, Jethro Pickett, John Cathal O’Brien, Joshua Burnside, Julie Hawk, KaraKara, Kobina, Las KELLIES, Lasertom, Leanne Harte, Let’s Set Sail, Lie Ins, Little Rivers, little xs for eyes, Liza Flume, Maria Somerville, Mark Geary, Maud In Cahoots, Myles Manley, NANU NANU, Niall Colfer, Overhead, The Albatross, PLUTONIC DUST, PRINCESS, Rachel Boyd, REID, REPLETE, RYAN VAIL, September Girls, Ships, Silences, Silverbacks, Skelocrats, SLEEP MCEVOX, Sleep Thieves, So Cow, Spies, Sweet Jane, Swimmers, swords, Tandem Felix, TELL NO FOXX, The Altered Hours, The Boxing Plot, The Clameens, The Crayon Set, The Dying Seconds, the Freakles, The Hard Ground, The Heads Of State, THE LATE DAVID TURPIN, The Manhattan Syndrome, The Notas, The Pale, The Vincent(s), The Young Folk, Thinkerrs, This Side Up, tieranniesaur, UNKNOWN, Wild Promises, windings

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