How to send a christmas card

Your friends abroad will love these heartfelt christmas wishes. Especially when they arrive in January.

1. Grand Grand

The Jesus, Mary & Joseph card beautifully sums up the miracle of christmas time.

2. Dublin Zoo

They’re doing really great things at Dublin Zoo, show your support next time you’re there. Only available in the zoo gift shop, totally worth it though.

3. Etsy

Really show your love with a reluctant christmas wish. And it’s Irish made.

4. The Cake and Crumb

If you’re getting a kick out of sending cards, imagine if you sent a box of mince pies or a pudding too.

5. Suck.UK

Make a hilarious joke about your kidnapping plans with these blackmail cards. It’s so original!

6. Etsy

Along the same vein as the blackmail cards, these simple cards highlight how disappointed Santa is with your drinking habits. Another Irish made charmer.

Trish Keenan

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