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There are many ways in which Home, a new work by Megan Ó’Malley,  engages with its audience. On one level, there is the obvious, on the way in the door, each member of the audience is handed a voting paper, reminiscent of that at a referendum pole. One another level, it reaches out to you in a way you could never expect;making its audience think deeply on the issues of sexual assault, body autonomy and the Irish constitution.

From the beginning, the intention of this piece is clear; political, timely and conscientious, this is something that preaches to the choir and the unconverted alike.

Unlike other pieces of socially or politically motivated drama, Home carries itself clearly on its own merit. This is a stage play that is witty and human. Four actors take on a varied cast of characters, on one set, to tell a story over weeks, slipping seamlessly back and forth between event and aftermath.

The script is cutting, moving, and reflects an all too real reality. It depicts a situation every woman in Ireland fears; being blamed for her assault.

In essence the humanity of the characters is the critical element which elevates this play from the rank of political statement to something much more gripping. This is not just another play about the consequences of the 8th amendment.

This is a play that everyone, regardless of their opinions on the matter, needs to see.

‘Home’ plays at The New Theatre until 03 February 2018.

Síofra Ní Shluaghadháin

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