Grab the devil by the tail with a new Irish whiskey

CK1xQXfVAAEwbufWest Cork Distillers, based in Skibbereen are one of only three independent whiskey distilleries in Ireland. On Friday night, they launched an Irish whiskey inspired by (and developed in conjunction with) The Pogues. Aptly named The Pogues Irish Whiskey.

A collaboration between two of the world’s most renowned distillers, Barry Walsh and Frank McHardy, the whiskey is a blend of grain and 50% single malt Irish whiskey making it Ireland’s highest malt-containing blended Irish whiskey.

“We wanted to create an Irish whiskey with global appeal, which isn’t without its challenges,” says John O’Connell, co-founder of West Cork Distillers.  “The Pogues offer a perfect partnership as they share many of the same values as our company such as an independent spirit, a slightly unorthodox approach and a commitment to quality, as well as success on the international stage.”

Commenting on the partnership, The Pogues say: “It’s been brilliant working with such experts to come up with a whiskey that we all think reflects our spirit and that we all like the taste of.  It’s wonderful to add to the ranks of great Irish whiskeys and we hope it stands the test of time.”

According to the distillers, the whiskey has an aroma of malt, cracked nuts, almond and a slight sweetness and its smooth intensity delivers a palate that is malty and floral with a mild chocolate taste and lingering citrus (we’re yet to taste it!). A bottle will set you back a modest £30 in the UK (Euro price TBC)

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