Gomez / A New Tide

gomezAfter hearing a helping from their latest album at their recent Dublin gig, I had to go out and buy it. Gomez are without doubt best heard live, they have such a charisma on stage, but this album is fresh and rich lyrically, vocally and instrumentally. It’s the kind of album that you like the first time you hear it and grow to love over time.

Win Park Slope has a kind of electro feel to it. Airstream Driver (the first single) is classic Gomez with the softer vocals of Ian, takes you back to the early Gomez days, with their cool guitar solo in the middle slowly introducing the rest of the band to the break. Other songs like Natural Selection and If I ask you Nicely are classics.

Little Pieces is another good’un. Lost Track sung by the wonderful Ben is, well… it’s music to my ears! All in all, I’m glad to say it’s a great album. TK


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