Glowworm, a visual spectacle, debuts at Dublin Fringe 2016

A new company formed from the Lir Academy’s international MFA programme, Umbrella Theatre Project announce the debut of their new production. Glowworm is an enchanting, multi-disciplinary visual spectacle making its world premiere in The Project Arts Centre as part of Tiger Dublin Fringe 2016  from September 10th – 17th.

By the fountain at the edge of the Oxborough Gardens, an existential crisis is sparked by a midnight encounter with a glowworm. Zelle De Brulle, an adolescent insect collector, becomes awakened to a universe of possibility and discovers what it really means to be alive. From grand spectacles to intimate curiosities, through a bricolage of music, movement and puppetry emerges a life-and-death drama about learning how to shine.

The production is an dazzling theatrical collaboration blending movement, puppetry and music; enveloping the audience in a rich, fantastical, multi-faceted world.

Glowworm, is a timeless story for the old head and young heart, stimulating the senses through a unique visual storytelling experience. Running from September 10 – 17 at The Project Arts Centre. [Click for ticket info]

Julie Maguire
Conor O’Riordan
Maria Guiver
Director / Davey Kelleher
Writer / Tom Nieboer
Producer / Andy Carberry
Production Designer / Hanna Bowe
Sound Designer / Dylan Tonge Jones
Chief LX / John Brennan
Production Manager / Barry O’Donovan
Head of Art Department / Sue Crawford
Art Department / Seán Martin & Claudia Lemontea
Company Stage Manager / Gordon Bell
Marketing Consultant / Roxanne Brownlee
Movement Support / Bryan Burroughs

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