Game of Thrones reveal new castings

Game of Thrones have revealed some new castings for the upcoming Season 5. Dorne is well represented with Trystane and Doran Martell, Doran’s Captain of the Guards Aereo Hotah and the bastard daughters of Prince Oberyn Martell; Nymeria, Tyene and Obara Sand – also known as the the Sand Snakes.

Outside Dorne, they’ve revealed castings for Yezzan zo Qaggaz a slave trader from Qarth, a grown up Myrcella Baratheon and the new High Septon, High Sparrow.

After making the excellent shout of recasting Daario Naharis mid-season, we know GoT aren’t afraid ┬áto open the casting call again, but we reckon fans will be happy with the new characters.

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