Game of Thrones house sigils re-imagined as brand logos

Portland-based graphic designer and art director Darrin Crescenzi has re-imagined the sigils of a selection of Game of Thrones’ houses as corporate logos (see below). Here’s the inspiration behind it:

[box bg=”#000 color=”#FFF’]”After getting sucked into the Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels by watching HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” I became  intrigued by author George R.R. Martin’s in-depth descriptions of each character’s heraldry, and the ways in which their symbols seemed to establish a “brand” for each family.

I hadn’t seen a design take on the sigils that I was fond of, and thus began a personal mission to craft an icon for  each of them. Of course, there’s hundreds of crests described in the texts, so a comprehensive collection was tricky and some lesser houses didn’t quite make the cut. Sorry Manderlys of White Harbor.”[/box]

18″ × 24″ poster with gold foil stamp, on 80# Mohawk superfine eggshell cover stock.


Check out the rest of the shots at Darrin’s website.

The Houses of Westeros poster [Darrin Crescenzi]

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