Fringe 2017: The Half Of It

The Half Of It” is a unique work of modern art presented by the MOMMO Theatre, directed by Cathal Cleary and brought to life by the writer and solo performer Karen Cogan. She gives us a snippet of an unnamed Cork woman’s desperate and dreary life as she battles mental illness alone in her London apartment.

The woman’s tragic tale is revealed through a stream of conscious that becomes splintered as the play progresses.  She has been spiralling downhill for years, eating but a few biscuits each day and being dismissed by her sister, Linda, who is forever out gallivanting.

Karen Cogan’s performance was outstanding. She portrayed the Woman’s complex character and her array of conflicting emotions exceptionally well. She kept the audience intrigued and in awe for the entire play.

To capture the tone of the play, each audience member was instructed to walk up the staircase, enter the tiny apartment one by one and take a seat along the wall. The scene encapsulated the senses as you entered into darkness with a musky smell, the ominous pulsing music, a bloodstain on the floor and the Woman rigidly sleeping in her bed just inches away. This haunting atmosphere enabled the audience to feel as trapped as the woman does in her own mind.

The Half Of It” is certainly a unique creation as it steers away from the traditional and basic concept of theatre with just a stage. Being in the apartment with the Woman helped us as the audience to feel connected with her and experience this work of art in a vivid and realistic way.

By Charlotte Cox


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