Fringe 2017: The Dust We Raised

Instead of using the seating in Project Arts Centre, the audience is invited to sit in the enclosed set onstage. The walls around the seats and performance area are a shimmering white plastic, and the mirror-like stand is made of a silver plastic, both reminiscent of how films of the 60s and 70s imagined the 21stcentury.

Combining dance, theatre and both audio and visual recordings, this piece looks at humankind’s achievements in science throughout recent history.
One performer is pre-set at a desk onstage, joined by the other two in a strong opening which sucks the audience in immediately. The lights and sound create an initial eerie atmosphere which continually changes, evoking a range of emotions throughout the piece.

We see the glory held by the faces of scientific achievement while nods are given to the countless people working in offices and labs which allowed those feats to occur. This is depicted through the recordings and costume changes from office like clothing to astronaut jumpsuits, and through moments of contrast, such as between Jane playing with bubbles as if for the first time and Murphy with street-performance sized bubbles, stepping on the back of his colleague who is gagged by plastic.

Bringing science-fiction films and the drive to work to a single goal, such as wiping out malaria in mosquitos, to our attention, it highlights the power of human imagination and the hard work that has gone in to making our present possible. Each of the cast have beautiful solo moments but are at their strongest when dancing together. They take command of the room and deliver their story with impressive force, carrying us through each of the movements of the piece.

For anyone with a love of dance or science this is a must see.


by Siofra NicLiam

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  1. Evanne Dowling

    This is a really impressive show with an extremely talented cast. Original, innovative and highly polished, a treat for anyone interested in unique and distinctive theatre. I saw it twice.

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