Fringe 2017: Raven Eyed

Ambiance played a significant part in the Dublin Fringe’s production of Raven Eyed. The performance, produced by Loosysmokes, describes itself as “an acrobatic and visual tour de force drowned in a surreal soundscape”. This was about all the information ¬†we as an audience had as we gathered at the meeting place of The Point Luas stop. Each of us gathered there were completely unsure as to what to expect.

This element of surprise only added to the mysterious atmosphere of the performance as several minutes after entering into the venue your senses are heightened. The production itself was nothing less than spectacular, with captivating performances by Elaine McCague, Jonah McGreevy, Rocio Dominguez and Deirdre Griffin. The unfamiliarity of the venue, along with the eerie yet fascinating spectacle playing out on stage, keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Coming back to the aforementioned meeting place at The Point Luas stop Рa pre-warned 10 minute walk away from the actual venue. On the cold, rainy night of which I attended, it seemed to,  literally, put a damper on the performance. The venue, although undeniably atmospheric and fitting, was cold and uncomfortable to the point where it took away from enjoying the actual performance. A terrible pity, as the production was something which deserved undivided attention for the dark and complex piece that it was.

Discomfort notwithstanding, Raven Eyed as a performance, and its effort to immerse the audience in a dark and uncanny atmosphere, deserves praise. The stage is managed by Louise McCague, the costume design by Aisling Scully, the lighting and sound by Conor McCague and Craig Cox respectfully. It must be said that when all of these elements were brought together and intertwined with the performers’ talents, it really did immerse its audience into an unearthly piece of theatre that both challenged and fascinated.

by Annmarie Lally

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