Fringe 2017: My Left Nut

‘My Left Nut’ is a coming of age story unlike anything else you will witness at the Dublin Fringe this year.

Michael is a young adolescent, silently struggling with the untimely death of his father, whilst simultaneously trying to ignore the fact that his left testicle is growing in size at an alarming rate. What’s causing this growth? Is it cancer? God smiting him for masturbating? One things for sure – there’s no way he’s discussing it with his mother!

This autobiographical one-man shows young Michael’s inability to deal with both his own possible illness and the impact of his fathers death.  It handles with aplomb the subject of toxic masculinity and the protagonists inability to voice his concern and fears, either in relation towards the disease that killed his father or his own visibly abnormal appendage.

‘My Left Nut’ is, by far, the funniest and most heart-breaking piece of work I have seen at the Fringe so far. We laugh with Michael as he and his friends tackles the perils of girls, school and flagons of cider. We weep when his candid discussions with his grief stricken yet stoic mother reveal new nuggets of information about his fathers death.

Written by Oisin Kearney and Patrick himself, Michael is outstanding in his execution of each individual character. Their facial expressions, stances and mannerisms are wholly embodied by Patrick and I was completely enthralled for the duration of the play.

A fantastically innovative piece of work which expertly combines comedy and tragedy with light hearted musical and dancing interludes – Michael Patricks interpretation of drunken teenage dancing is something that will burn in my mind for days to come.  This show serves as the perfect vehicle to bear one’s soul and explore the prevalent of masculinity as a fluid notion, in which young males should never sidestep expressing their worries and concerns, out of fear of degradation, embarrassment or retribution.

Laura Carroll

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