Fringe 2017: Levin & Levin

The Levin siblings invite the audience on a whirlwind ride across Europe, beginning at the end. After a disastrous show, spanning decades, secrets and continents, is on the rocks. In the spirit of the Cabaret, prepare for something you have never seen before. The Broken Crow Theatre Company deliver a piece which is both historical, and in our era of ‘fake news’ and manipulation of the media, disturbingly timely. Two actors, Aideen Wylde (also the playwright), and George Hanover, deliver stunning performances as Ida and Bubbi, two Jewish girls forced to flee from Russia in the early years of the 20 the century. What follows is a tale of performance, deception, and the ultimate resilience of the human spirit.

Following in the footsteps of works such as Midnight in Paris and The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Ran Away, our two characters weave a tale of being in the most interesting places at the most interesting of times. Between Vienna, performing for Freud and Schonberg, to Paris, where they are taken under the wing of the inimitable ‘Zelda’ (who is imitated quite wonderfully by both Wylde and Hanover), it is hard, sometimes to decide whether it is luck, or misfortune, which guides them.

In the end, Levin & Levin, is a simple story, brilliantly told. With a set that is as intricate as it is functional, acting that balances the pizzazz of showmanship with emotive humanity, it is strong on all fronts, from
beginning, to the bitter end.

Levin & Levin runs at The Space Upstairs, Project Arts Centre, Sept 22 nd @ 18:15, and 23 rd @ 15:00.

by Síofra Ní Shluaghadháin

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