Fringe 2017: It’s getting harder and harder for me

Alice Malseed’s ‘It’s getting harder and harder for me‘ showing at Smock Alley Theatre, until September 17th is definitely worth a watch. Beautifully written, packed full of imagery, hard hitting truths and characters we can all, unfortunately relate too. Tells the stories of three ladies “living” life in Belfast city and ends with an emotive bang

A plain bench sets the stage but the characters vivid descriptions of Belfast city paints a picture for the audience, and ignites the imagination. Adele Gribbon as Lucy, delivers an energetic and poignant performance, bringing a burst of colour to an otherwise grey and dreary world, a world her character knows all too well. Geraldine played by Emer Casey is a very likable and endearing character, however at times quite softly spoken, therefore hard to hear (and I was sitting in the front row). A heartfelt performance from ChristianeO’Mahony as Alex, was married beautifully with a quirky and often comedic character. 

Discreet direction from Sarah Baxter kept the focus on the story telling of the piece, minimal movements and synchronised deliveries kept the audience engaged, but at times it was difficult to find the intention behind some of the direction.

Sean Dennehy’s sound design certainly sets the tone and creates dramatic tension at pivotal points of the play. He opens the production with the beat of a heart, the heart of the city if you will; perhaps missing a beat however by not including some actual sounds of the city to really ignite the senses in what was a bare stage. 

Clever lighting, designed by Maggie Donovan, frames the actors in an intriguing fashion, and provides some great visual stimulation; there just wasn’t enough of it! There could have been more diversity here, again with it being such a minimalist production. 

Siofra NicLiam

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